The Tree to Treasure

My hands grip the branches which have woven themselves around the trees.
My brother below stares up in wonder as I climb but this is an adventure I must take on my own.
Going higher I listen for the sounds I know are sure to come, each foothold enticing me further and further until I am passed the green leaves and into the clouds.
I hold my breathe and listen.
The sweet snores of the giant rumble through the clouds towards me and I know that with a few more brave steps I will find the treasure I was promised.


Tree by Sue Vincent
Tree Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent.


I hope you enjoyed my little dabble into the world of Jack – originally written in response to Sue Vincent’s challenge – #writephoto over at DailyEcho. Check it out for further creative imaginings within 100 words or less, you may even be inspired to pen a quick post of your own! KL❤


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