6 Years Together – It’s a Dog’s Life

Dog Bed exploded!

Apparently it popped up on Facebook
That this was 6 years to the day
I don’t understand what the problem was
I kept myself busy that day

This wouldn’t really have happened
Had she not left me alone anyway
Apparently she’s got this work stuff
That means she can’t stay home and play

Millie asleep

Each morning I get a nice long walk
Now that she’s learned her lesson
I’m much more lively than Millie
So you could say it was a blessing

Laddie Millie - Walks

I don’t need as much sleep
And need a lot more room to play
Now we have a new house
For me to roam in each day

I even have my own bedroom
But from the letterbox for some reason I’m banned
She didn’t want those bills anyway
I’m sure I was lending a hand

Laddie - White Bed

So 6 years together – we’ve made it
I’ve found my forever family
We may cause chaos together but
She wouldn’t change a thing about me

It is a Dog’s Life after all. – Laddie 🐾

Millie - A dogs life

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