Remembering The Positives

I am one of those people that replay a conversation over and over, particularly negative ones – I don’t mean to and it’s a habit that I dislike about myself. I guess I am naturally a worrier. I will put up with something then dwell on it later thinking dammit I should have said “xyz”.

That being said 2016 for me is the start of something different. Everyone has a

bad luck cats - image courtesy of google
Image Courtesy of Google Images

bad year – last year was mine, I truly felt like I was carrying a bad luck charm. I lost two precious family members (as in they passed away, I didn’t just leave them somewhere and forget where). I was incredibly ill over Christmas for the second year in a row (and I can’t pull of the pale tired bedhead look). A lot of couples who I cherish have had complicated break-ups (worthy of Adele songs bad!). My workplace had major redundancies (or really long unexpected holidays).

Okay… I am going to stop there as this is definitely turning into a “poor me” list and the point of this post is that I have chosen to change that where I can. Obviously I couldn’t stop any of these events from happening but by the time the New Year arrived I found myself dwelling on all these unfortunate events and forgetting all the good things that happened in the last year. Okay they weren’t as big or may not have had as large an impact in my memory but good things happen every week and it’s so easy to forget that. So I am doing the memory jar this year. Every time something nice happens I write it down and pop it in a jar, I try to do this every time I think of something but usually I am so involved in the doing that I forget so on a Sunday night when everyone starts to get the Monday morning dread of work clothes out, lunch boxes made etc. I take a few minutes and sit with my “blank memory” and try to write at least one good memory from the week before. The more I have done this, the more happy things I have thought of to put in the jar. So for me so far it is working and positivity seems to be creating positivity.

So, my big memory for last week is I went to see Irish comedian Ed Byrne at my local theatre. He was hilarious and it was a great night (even better that it was followed by a pizza!). I am useless at remembering jokes but one of Ed’s has stuck with me and I am sure it will come in useful at some point. 🙂

Comment: If you look up stupid in the dictionary there is a picture of your face!
Reply: I’m not the one that had to look stupid up in the dictionary. AND my dictionary doesn’t have pictures in it!

KL ❤

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