Review of Hide and Seek by P.S. Brown – 4 stars

Hide and SeekHide and Seek by P.S. Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story is about a reunion gone wrong, when Peter goes back to town to a funeral he attends an after party with the “old gang”. Soon he finds himself in trouble that just seems to escalate further and further as Peter is pulled into Celo’s twisted game. Peter not only has to find each of his friends as quickly as he can before something bad happens to them, avoid the police (as he is suspected of being the killer) but he also has the twisted journey through his childhood memories trying to figure out who the real killer is and why they have picked him to torture.
For those that like psychological stories this is a great read and the pace is set almost instantly. The ending was very well written too and for those that really enjoy a clever twist will appreciate it. The whole book is laid out like a distorted puzzle with the reader and Peter trying to put all the pieces together. Reminiscent of the Saw movies that were out a few years ago.
I stumbled across this author by accident looking for something a bit different to read and at the time purchased the e-book was less than a pound, however I have to say it is worth much more than that. P.S.Brown’s writing is easily as good as the big name thriller writers. The descriptions were great (although a little graphic occasionally – I don’t mind that at all in this type of book), the characters were complex and the twists just kept coming. Everything you want from a good
My only tiny (and it is tiny criticism) was the endless chase scenes along with the descriptions of running up this alley and that street, over a fence, etc, although I can understand why the author included them for dramatic effect I actually found myself skimming over those parts to get to the next proper storyline as they seemed to slow the story down a little.
It is extraordinary that this is a debut novel from this author and I definitely look forward to reading more of his work. More exciting is he is a local so I may even get a chance to see him at a local library or something :p

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