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J.K Rowling made the following statement: j.k.rowling - feminism

(source of quote –

It made me wonder about selecting your characters and deciding which ones to be strong and which are weak. I am writing a historical fiction based novel which has a duel storyline.

In the historical storyline a woman is rejected from her husband (as he has taken up with a new mistress), blocked from seeing her children, forced from her home, her friends and the society she had once been part of. Her story plays a lot on the trauma her husband puts her through, (but she is not totally without sin!) in some cases she leads to her own downfall, threatening her husband, drinking excessively, even scaring the children. She is by no means a weak female despite what society throws at her and goes through a wide variety of emotions.

In the modern storyline my main female character challenges some traditional female stereotypes. She is a divorced single mother, who has recently been promoted, but she already works at a busy hospital a variety of hours. She is quite envious of her ex’s relationship with their daughter built because he works from home. As it is a modern divorce they both get 50/50 access. Meanwhile she has recently lost her mother, and is trying to support her grieving father. She is struggling to keep on top of everything but there is nothing she wants to sacrifice.cs lewis quote - hardships

Both females are strong but in different ways, they both ultimately just want a happy family life. I never intended to write these things in either a male or a female perspective, the characters drove themselves and the circumstances drove their stories. The characters faced hardships and have to overcome them, as C.S. Lewis put it. I think the modern story could even have been written as a male character I chose female as I felt it fit better with the historical timeline.

Is this something other writers do, openly decide whether their character should be male or female? Does gender of a character make a difference in todays society? What helps them decide that and do you ever change your mind?


There was a Google+ thread in which a writer asked, “how do you write female characters?” and someone answered:

1) I think of a character. 2) I make them female.

I love this answer, because I think gender plays very little part in what makes a good or strong character.


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Quote in full (just in case the image isn’t readable)

“Very early on in writing the series, I remember a female journalist saying to me that Mrs Weasley, ‘Well, you know, she’s just a mother.’ And I was absolutely incensed by that comment. Now, I consider myself to be a feminist, and I’d always wanted to show that just because a woman has made a choice, a free choice to say, ‘Well, I’m going to raise my family and that’s going to be my choice. I may go back to a career, I may have a career part time, but that’s my choice.’ Doesn’t mean that that’s all she can do. And as we proved there in that little battle, Molly Weasley comes out and proves herself the equal of any warrior on that battlefield.”

10 thoughts on “Strong Females

  1. Thanks so much for both of the quotes and your excellent analysis and commentary. I am writing a fantasy novel with a female character in the lead. Most of the top selling books in fantasy have a male character with females that are subservient to him. Oh, they will be strong with their own gifts but always succumb to the males. I hope to break that pattern. I really love the plot of your story and the characters. I think J.K. Rowlings portrayed Mrs. Weasley perfect. She was glorious in battle! I feel empowered!!! ❤

    1. Haha! Thanks so much Colleen! You’re novel sounds really intriguing. Yes, Mrs Weasley showed her hidden strengths (as I think most woman do at times of crisis) 🙂 actually I think she was a real matriarch, with Mr Weasley and the boys looking to her anyway. 🙂 For me, J.K.Rowling got it just right! KL ❤

      1. I agree. I loved the Weasley family too! They were perfect. ❤️

  2. I enjoy strong female characters in a story but like you pointed out you can be ‘strong’ in different ways. I can relate to J.K Rowling’s quote and I love C S Lewis’ quote. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vashti, yes I loved both these quotes and thought they highlighted that a strong character is often not as people may expect them to be. Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment. KL ❤

  3. I chose, and continue to choose, to be mostly a mother, and I am delighted with my choice. I know (of course) Mrs. Weasley’s story, but that quote from J.K. Rowling is new to me. Thanks for sharing it. We are strong because of how we play our roles (ditto for our characters), rather than because of the job title.

    1. Thanks so much Natalie! Completely agree, and it’s important people do realise it is a choice. Mrs Weasley showed her hidden strengths (as I think most woman do at times of crisis, whether that is at home or in a workplace) For me, J.K.Rowling got it just right! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. KL ❤

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