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Hogmanay Traditions

I drum and I strum and sounds I do make
But to all other ears that is a mistake
It bangs out of tune or slightly off note
So I try something else that might get a better vote

I plink and I plonk but that goes askew too
So I puff and I pant on a digeridoo
The noises I make come out in loud toots
It’s certainly not reflective of my musical roots

So I put down the instruments and try out my voice
But the family clutch their ears at the horrible noise
So I decide to try to play the recorder
They all start to laugh, that’s bang out of order!

I thought I’d have a quick go with a saxophone
But the dog began to howl as if begging for a bone
A party instrument, I thought I try the fiddle
The noise resulted in endless giggles!

So after pianos, drums, keyboards and guitars!
I’ve decided this music lark is a pain in the a*se
I’ll stick to providing a poetic ditty
To 2015’s Hogmanay Festivity


It was tradition in my house for all party attendees to play a little instrument or sing a little song on Hogmanay. Despite my mother being a pretty good singer and my father being great at the guitar, these were both skills that alluded me. So I used to get the special job of reciting some poetry. Enjoy KL 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hogmanay Traditions”

  1. Lovely poem. It’s easy to see the problem of your situation. Dad’s a musician & Mom’s songstress. They had you, to write them songs. Keep up the good work! #NOTHINGMatters

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