UK Readers – Please Sign, Share and Save Jobs

superman - batman disguiseDear Readers,

Normally I keep my other life separate from my writing life where possible. But a recent turn of events has changed that.

So I am calling out to you all UK wordpressers for help and support.

I work at SMD, one of the few remaining UK engineering and manufacturing firms.  The government recently blocked an export license requested by the company due to incorrect classification of our equipment. Due to this and the general downturn in the industry the company are now going through a major redundancy that will affect around a third of staff, this is the second time this year we will be going through this process. The blocking of this license not only affects SMD in the North East but also the 200+ local suppliers and a further 500+ suppliers across the UK that SMD use.

Can everyone please sign this petition,

Please follow the link, it will ask you for your email address as they need send you an email to forward you the link to sign the petition. This is a 1 off email and you will not be constantly “spammed”.

Your signature could save a lot of jobs and help make those families have a better Christmas. Please don’t forget to share this page around all of your readers, friends and family. The more people we reach with this the better.  Thank you.

thank you dog

If you’d like to read more on this issue please see this article in the chronicle: –


6 thoughts on “UK Readers – Please Sign, Share and Save Jobs

    • Thanks Elena, I am doing all I can. Such a horrible thing to happen to anyone but for those with families and at Christmas too, it is truly such a shame. Fingers crossed x

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