The Visitor

She regularly leaves us on the outside looking in! How rude – on this occasion she even sat there giggling and took a photo – cheeky mare!

Daisy and Laddie

She often does this in the kitchen too. She is allowed in but if she’s cooking I must maintain the paws behind the line (well the metal doorstrip) policy, she says I push my luck as my paws creep over but I think she forgets I have such big paws and I just want a quick feel of the nice cool kitchen tiles. If she has happened to drop something I might try to investigate it while I’m there, but honestly who wouldn’t.

In this photo our friend Daisy (the spaniel) was visiting for her holidays. Daisy does magic tricks – she can open doors. Those that feed me were not so happy about that, especially after they had thought they would create a special device to stop her entering the kitchen. Instead she opened the back door and the patio doors and let us through the living room. She was so shocked to see us in the hallway when she came back from the shop it was hilarious.

Wonder if Daisy does fridge doors too – I’d like “a look in” there…

Much Woofs Laddie

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