Review of Harry’s Torment by Michael Beck

Harry's TormentHarry’s Torment by Michael Beck

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an unusual crime thriller set (mostly) in the ports, checking the Lorries that come and go for drugs, cigarettes etc. It is an interesting premise and one that I had not previously come across. The department have to integrate with a lot of others and those that are in charge get frustrated that the credit for a good catch never falls to them.
This is a multi-viewpoint story, often told from the perspective of one-time respected top dog Harry who is in charge of a local unit, but his methods and manner is out-dated and when he is side-stepped for promotion by a younger, less experienced, female his world starts to become that bit more difficult. The story also follows Clint a shy, easy-going officer whose main focus is doing a good job, unfortunately this is often at the detriment of his home life.
The story had an interesting plot, with lots of drama from the first page. This novel is incredibly well researched by the author, which I think gives it a really interesting feel for the predicaments the characters have found themselves in. The gritty, dark, drug-dealing underworld is truly brought to life in this dramatic story.
The characters are incredibly well written and I can see them returning in future novels, this would make a great crime thriller series. These books will appeal to fans of Ian Rankin or David Baldacci style writing; dark, gritty, and quick-paced, crime thriller with a very smart plot and plenty of action.

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