Companionable – small dog inspiration

Last night I heard a whoosh
Followed by a lot of flashing lights
I decide to vamoose
As it gives me quite a fright

To avoid the bang and crackle
I hide under the table
But that really doesn’t help
I’m becoming quite unstable

Apparently it’s to celebrate
A plot of gunpowder and treason
But it really makes me irate
No matter what the reason

All I want to do is snuggle
And drift quietly off to sleep
But all I hear is bangs and crackles
And it’s only just gone Halloween!

Don’t get me wrong I do agree
That the fire-flowers are nice
I just wish they’d only be
Set off, on just one night

So that’s my grump for today
I’m off to get some sleep
So when you set off those rockets
Think of poor scared little me!!

Millie asleep

My inspiration was the amazing Ani –


8 thoughts on “Companionable – small dog inspiration

    1. Awe thanks Elena, yeah my little one is a scaredy cat dog and not overly keen. I think a lot of dogs are, so when I came across another bloggers dog that is the same it inspired. 🙂

    1. Aww thanks TanGental, she’s a staffie crossed with a Jack Russell so she looks a little bit like a Jack Russell on steroids, haha! However she can pull off small and cute when she wants to (or when there is biscuits about). Our other dog is a rough collie, so one little one large

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