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KL Caley – The Movie

KL Caley - Logo Star Wars Style

The Movie

My life is probably more like a soap opera than a movie, and who knows maybe I’ll write a book about it someday!

My mother is crazy, impulsive and loud. She would have to be played by someone who could pull off crazy pretty well! Perhaps Meryl Streep?!

I think I get my strong will from her.

My dad is the opposite, quiet, intelligent, grounded. He would have to be played by someone who resembles these qualities. Colin Firth maybe?

I think I get my focus from him.

My husband is my strength, he is smart, funny and very outdoors-y. He would probably be my Ryan Reynolds.

I get my sense of adventure from him and also the ability to let things go every now and then nothing in life should be that stressful.

Who would play me? A strong willed redhead who can be stubborn but is generally laid back, well I think I would like Isla Fisher for this role.

Haha or maybe for my husband and I, I am just imagining one of my favourite romantic movies, Definitely Maybe. But who doesn’t love a story with a book giving them their happily ever after!

definitely maybe_jane eyre_book_ryan reynolds

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