Review of Bliss House by Laura Benedict

Bliss HouseBliss House by Laura Benedict
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This story follows Rainey a bereaved widow and single mother to Ariel, on their relocation to Bliss House. Rainey manages to purchase Bliss house which had previously been in her family for generations, however the locals are nervous of the house after a murder had taken place there. Rainey is living with the grief of being the cause of a fire at her previous home which killed her husband and disfigured her daughter. She hopes Bliss House will be a fresh start for them both. For her daughter Ariel it is, shortly after moving her scars seem to be healing. But after another suspicious death at the house Rainey starts to worry that there is more to the house than meets the eye and not all of it good.
The authors writing style is quick paced, she adapts well to each characters side of the story and keeps the story moving swiftly.
I couldn’t help thinking this could have been a much more atmospheric story. It had a solid foundation and a lot of quirky little details that could have really brought it terrifyingly to life. I did enjoy this read but I think it could have been improved a lot. The brooding setting of the home at night is greatly described and very easy to visualize but I think it could have been heightened more, I would have liked to have read more of the abandoned ballroom on the third floor which could have really been amazingly creepy, a Stephen king’s Shining type of place. Although the storyline was enjoyable and well plotted.
Rainey herself as a character is quite complex and the story does have a lot of intrigue throughout.
This is an enjoyable read for horror or mystery fans. All round a fun, quick read.

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