Review of Matty (A Matt Turner Short Story) by Michael Siemsen

Matty: A Matt Turner Series ShortMatty: A Matt Turner Series Short by Michael Siemsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was lucky to get this during a free amazon promotion! As it’s only a short (really short) story make sure you don’t pay too much for it, if you do decide to buy it.

That being said, this is a GOOD read. I loved the first of the Matt Turner stories, the second was a little bit disappointing as the story seems disjointed a little in places. This little story hits the nail on the head, with Siemsen’s writing back on top form.

The story revolves mostly around Matt and his dad, and gives the first insight of his dads’ conflict over whether to use Matt’s abilities or not. But when it involves a missing little girl who could be in a life threatening situation he decides it’s a risk worth taking.

This is a fast paced story getting to the action quickly. By going back to Matt’s childhood and home we can see his character better, the softer worried side of his mum, the tougher action based cop that is his dad and how they blend into Matt’s personality.

So yes, this is a short story and not 100% the authors usual style but I like this about it, if the author had drawn it out into a longer story or worse a novel it would have just been a page filling exercise. This is real storyline, short, simple and sweet.

Note – If you are going to read the Matt Turner series read this before the RETURN as it makes that stories plotline even stronger.

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