Review of More Fool Me by Stephen Fry – 4 Stars

More Fool MeMore Fool Me by Stephen Fry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was incredibly lucky to have seen Stephen Fry discuss this book at Hay Festival earlier this year and immediately knew I wanted to read it. More Fool Me is the third volume in Fry’s memoirs and is a description of his life between the 1980’s to recent times mostly covering the subject of his cocaine addiction.

As always Fry is openly honest about the drugs, his sexuality and his addiction. The book does feel tired in places – the relentless description of him trying to write a previous book, and a lot of name-dropping that doesn’t feel essential to the story. Certainly the final third was almost a frustrating read as other reviewers have mentioned. However that being said I still thoroughly enjoyed this memoir and it shows the flawed human side of Fry. No one can see his flaws better than Fry himself. The book shows the struggle within his personality, going from conflicting states of elation to depression and back again, but his personal battle to me made Fry even more endearing.
His honesty and humour do manage to shine through in the book, including my favourite line: “Oh dear I am an arse”.

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