Review of Fry by Lorna Dounaeva – 4 Stars

FRYFRY by Lorna Dounaeva
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story follows Isabel and her group of friends, when Isabel runs over a girl named Alicia, she feels responsible for her. After a strange series of fires, she grows increasingly suspicious of Alicia who has ingratiated herself into Isabel and Isabel’s friend’s lives. This tale is of survival, and to some extent mental torture. Isabel becomes increasingly paranoid of Alicia, even in seemingly normal circumstances, making her friends (and the reader!) question her sanity.
This is set in a quiet English seaside town, with the action taking place between the supermarket where Isabel works, her home and her friend’s home.
The main characters were well cast and I think the reader certainly felt part of their emotional journey. I did feel the love story with Deacon wasn’t quite as strong as the main plot but that is only a small part of the story, so did not distract on the overall strength of the novel. I really liked the occasional bit of sarcasm thrown in by the author, made the characters more realistic.
Overall, I found this novel an excellent additional to the British crime fiction genre and I look forward to reading more from this writer. The novel was fast-paced, fun and managed to keep the reader guessing.

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