Review of The Dolls #1 by Kiki Sullivan

The Dolls (The Dolls, #1)The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an interesting paranormal/fantasy novel. The story takes the journey of Eveny a teenage girl that has had to return with her aunt to the town where Eveny was born, Carrefour. But from the moment she gets there strange things seem to happen and the town treats her differently. The story then progresses to initiate Eveny into the world of magic and something similar to voodoo.
This book started really strong with a lot of atmosphere and intrigue but I did feel it let itself down a little. The love storyline with Caleb didn’t really work. It seemed a one-sided infatuation from Eveny that didn’t progress well and I think for fans of the Bella-Edward relationship that is similar to this will be a disappointment.
A few of the characters were a bit flat that could have really had an impact in the story, for example Eveny’s aunt, I felt their relationship could have been presented as much stronger, after all she was the one that brought Eveny up and she is the only person Eveny knows in the town. I did think the main character Eveny was portrayed well and although her decision making process was questionable at times, she was very likeable. However I must say the author cleverly uses the Southern American setting very well in this teenage drama, bringing some of the flatter characters to life.
Overall, I did enjoy this read and Sullivan is a great new paranormal/fantasy author that I am sure will become a hit with fans as her writing develops. Great to see a new slant on the paranormal element too.

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