New2Writing – About Me

Inspiration BoxI am the cliché writer…

I know I have wanted to be a writer since I was around 7 years old. I remember the first story I ever wrote and showed to anyone was about my pet hamster and my brothers’ pet mouse flying on holiday using my gran’s pet budgie to “Hamstertit”. The inspiration behind this story was my own family holiday to Estartit that summer.

Hopefully my writing has evolved a little since then. I have read through many genres of novels all of which inspire me in their own ways. This blog should help me enhance my skill, inspire creative thinking and perhaps more importantly keep me in the habit of writing regularly. After all, all these random ideas I have swimming around in my head are not going to turn themselves into novels without a little effort. Time to pull my socks up…

I also hope to inspire others on my writing journey. I have two pages particularly aimed to help and inspire others:-

Writing Tools – Aimed to showcase any writing tools I come across which others may find useful.

Know Your History – A (hopefully inspirational and informative) regular post aimed to highlight an event that occurred on that date in history around the subject of writing.

I recently added a “My Literary Lap of UK” category to capture my travel tales to places of literary influence around the UK (maybe the world eventually). Please feel free to join in my adventure adding your own tales or experiences, or even suggestions of places I should visit.

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