Extract From Page 3

writing book funnyToday’s prompt was to write page three from your autobiography. I admit I stared blankly at the screen for around 15 minutes before coming to the conclusion if I wrote page 3 I would need to write page 1 & 2 that is a rabbit hole I am not willing to go down.

So, instead here is an extract from the actual novel I am writing, this is truly page 3, first draft, no editing.

 …Her mind was confused, she was so sure she had seen them. She knew they would come and take her away again. She sank to her knees feeling the harsh grit of the bay below her. Tears slid down her face as she continued to stare across the craggy rocks. Why had he done this to her?
     “I AM YOUR WIFE”, she screamed into the night air. The noise absorbed by the wind.
      “WHY?” her voice now hoarse with the effort, her breathing heavy. Bending over she began sobbing, her entire body shaking with grief.

     The dream was disappearing and Danielle’s eyes flickered below the lids profusely. Her face was wet with tear and her body wet with sweat was shaking. The aching of age was all over her body, but as her mind focussed on it, it began to fade. The memory was there tough, in the back of her mind, still so real. As Danielle finally opened her eyes, the name came back to her, the woman from her dream allowing this one small gesture to slip into Danielle’s reality. Her lips formed the word and she said it out loud, just to make sure she could. “Rachel”.


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