Review of Cursed (A Yorkshire Ghost Story) by Karen Perkins

Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Short Story (Yorkshire Ghost Series, #2)Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Short Story by Karen Perkins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I downloaded this book for free as part of a promotional deal. The book was okay and I can see it appealing to the avid Miss Marple type murder-mystery readership. However I myself found this book a little frustrating and a little slow.

Although the clue was in the title, I think the Yorkshire theme became a little frustrating and was over-accentuated which I imagine for readers unfamiliar with this accent; it would quickly become irritating trying to decipher what the characters were saying. If a book said it was set in London I wouldn’t expect it to have broad cockney throughout.

The plot-line was okay, suitable for this length novella, and the characters are likeable. The setting itself is also quite well portrayed and I know of a few Yorkshire villages that would fit the authors setting.

All in all this is a light-hearted little mystery book.

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