Know Your History – 17th May – Peter Høeg born

know your history - writing

On this day… 17th May, 1957 – Peter Høeg born

Peter Høeg (born 17 May 1957) is a Danish writer of fiction. Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow that earned Høeg immediate and international literary celebrity. In 1993 he won the Danish booksellers award De Gyldne Laurbær (The Golden Laurel) and the Danish Critics Prize for Literature for his book De måske egnede (English title: Borderliners).

On Writing

Høeg has a reputation for being hard to place in terms of literary style. All his works are stylistically very different from one peter hoeganother, and have been labelled postmodern, gothic, magical-realist, to mention a few. There is a red thread to be found, however, in terms of theme; Høeg’s work often seems to deal with the consequences of the progress of civilization.

Did You Know?..

A Danish edition of one of Høeg’s novels resulted in a loud dispute between conservative (anti) and liberal (pro) critics, resembling a literary equivalent of the row between Prince Charles and modernist architects. The traditionalists accused the author of pretension and obscurity, the innovators praised him for expanding the techniques of his profession.


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