Know Your History – 8th May – Robin Jarvis

know your history - writing

On this day… 8th May, 1963 – Robin Jarvis born

Robin Jarvis (born 8 May 1963) is a British Young-Adult fiction (YA) and children’s novelist, who writes dark fantasy, suspense and supernatural thrillers. His books for Young Adults have featured a sinister “world-switching” dystopian future, triggered by a sinister and hypnotic book (Dancing Jax), Norse Fates, Glastonbury crow-demons and a time travelling, wise-cracking teddy bear. (The Wyrd Museum series), dark powers, a forgotten race and ancient evils on the North Yorkshire coast (The Whitby Witches trilogy), epic medieval adventure (The Oaken Throne) and science-fiction dramatising the “nefarious intrigue”  within an alternate Tudor realm, peopled by personalities of the time, automata servants and animals known as Mechanicals and ruled by Queen Elizabeth I. (Deathscent).

On Writing

All of my books have begun as a series of pencil sketches, where I develop the various characters – though inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Often I can be inspired by a place, like Whitby for example. I first visited Whitby when I was at college in Newcastle, and found it possessed a marvellous, haunting atmosphere.

Did You Know?..

Jarvis never wanted to be a writer.

“I never intended to write books at all. I used to work as a model-maker for television programmes, and commercials. The Deptford Mice evolved when I was taking a break from designing a large, furry alien and fancied drawing something small for a change. 

The Dark Portal, my first book was published when I was twenty-five. I had doodled some mouse characters in my sketch pad just for my own enjoyment, and a friend of mine saw them and suggested I send them to a publisher. To my amazement they responded very positively and asked if there was a story to go with the mice drawings. So I had a go, and it went from there. I didn’t realise at the time that I would ever become a full time writer.”


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