Review of The Shroud Maker (Wesley Peterson #18) by Kate Ellis

The Shroud Maker (Wesley Peterson, #18)The Shroud Maker by Kate Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As novel #18 in the Wesley Peterson series, readers generally know what they are getting now with a Kate Ellis novel and The Shroud Maker doesn’t disappoint. Ellis easily allows the reader to imagine the hustle and bustle of a busy seaside town.
I always enjoy Ellis’s use of past and present storylines within her novels, mixing archaeological finds, forgotten manuscripts with present day sources to intricately weave the plot. This storyline took the notion one step further with the present timeline focussing on a computer game and how the victim linked with it.
The story itself focusses on two similar young women who have gone missing in the town, one of whom has been found dead. This happens at a time when a yearly historic festival is taking place, meaning a surge of incomers, the majority of whom are in fancy dress. How can the police pull together a suspect list?
The only minor criticism is this storyline has similarities with Ellis’s “The Cadaver Game” with the life imitating video games theme, but this doesn’t take anything away from this really enjoyable read with a lot of twist and a good range of characters/character viewpoints.
With enough clues (and a few surprise twists) dropped along the way to keep the reader guessing, this is another well written who-dunnit.

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