The 3 Priorities to launch your writing career

I have read dozens of guides lately on launching a writing career. Each writer seems to take a different path, and it seems there is no set plan other than doing what fits each writer and each scenario.

However something that seemed to be an underlying message in these articles was that when focussing on achieving your goal you should stick to these 3 priorities.

The 3 Ps of writing Landscape

So this is what I hope to do:-

My first priority is to continue writing my novel and entering short story competitions. Although these are yet to make a profit, I do like the challenge and hopefully this shall eventually set me up on my writing career.

My second priority is my blog. I adore blogging and reading other people’s blogs too. I find it very relaxing and interesting and have found some amazing sites out there all of which inspire me to be a better writer.

Lastly I always have additional projects on the go and rarely leave home without my notebook. I have even started to use S Note (basically a post-it on your phone) and S Plan for recording my challenge completion dates, word count targets etc. I have been lucky enough this year to book to go to Hay-On-Wye Literature Festival and even managed to get tickets to see Stephen Fry at the festival.

Hopefully these 3 P’s will keep me from being distracted, help me focus on achieving my goals, of course any other advise I am always most grateful for.

KL 🙂


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