You know I’m all about that bass!

This is something that resurfaces every few years.. but that’s no bad thing. Woman are forever thinking they are too big or too small, too loud or too quiet, too blonde (ok there are a few of those – joke), or too brunette and all that worrying about what you aren’t can’t possibly be healthy. keep calm and love your body
Chasing an ideal shape, height, hair colour, skin colour is your way of entering a never-ending story and it’s not a life I would want any of my nieces to have. They are missing the characteristics the world really values (even if the world forgets it sometimes); love, faith, intelligence, humour.

The new body acceptance movement in pop is a great start in giving the next generation of kids the chance to grow up free from that controlling body conscious drama that so many of us adhere too. So time for us to neglect that goldilocks image that there is one figure that is “just right for us”. The image is temporary – the valuable traits they last for life. As for me, well I’m all about that bass…


3 thoughts on “You know I’m all about that bass!

  1. I love that song (super catchy)… and your blog. I worry, though, that we are sort of reiterating the same harmful idea that our bodies exist to please boys/men. The whole line about her momma telling her a boy likes “a little more booty to hold at night.” The message isn’t “love yourself” so much as, “Don’t worry, you can still make a man happy with your body.” I don’t know, I might me a stick in the muddy.

    1. Apologies for the delayed response. I completely agree! I think I interpreted it as no matter what your shape is there is someone to love you, but actually you’re are completely right the message should really take this a step further and be to “love yourself”. However I still like this song, it is catch-y and moving pop lyrics in the right direction (even if it is baby steps :)). Thanks for the comment. x

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