Un-block Challenges

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’d Like to Thank My Cats.”

I’d like to thank my…dogs.

For all they do for me. They:

  • Take me walks and keep me fit
  • Help make sure that I don’t put on too much weight by encouraging me to share my treats with them (cocktail sausages from the fridge is a recent favourite).
  • Argue back when they think I am wrong (I regularly get a sullen grown when telling them to lie down)
  • Nudge me and cuddle me when I’m sad
  • Know how to make me smile
  • Make sure I keep track of the time (usually around dinner time)
  • Yell at the postman for putting bills through the letter box
  • Dance around to say hello
  • Offer a helping hand with the hovering and lawn-mowering (not always appreciated)
  • Gaze at me adoringly – particularly if they think this will gain them tummy rubs or food
  • Snuggle me endlessly

Who wouldn’t want a best friend (or 2) that does all of the above for free every day?


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