Imitating the greats

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery or so they say, so write a prompt in the style of a great blogger”.

I love this post idea as there is so many fantastic blogs out there  I love but my two favourite bloggers of the moment are Ani – the perfect small dog (also known as owner & guardian of Sue Vincent – Daily Echo) and Tabby & Fluffy (also known as owners of angloswiss – The Cat Chronicles). Clearly these girls have it all, good looks, charm and amazing writing style, tough paw prints to follow in but here goes. My daily mission for the perfect shot.


Camera Shy

That’s what I suffer from, she’s always trying to point that flashy thing at me and take my picture. I get it! I’m gorgeous!! Just don’t like that clicky thing. Why can’t she just admire me as I am?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESShe’s always moaning about it, how I look so perfect but the moment she lifts the camera, I turn my head. 

Often my tongue hangs out!! But whats a dog to do about that?

tongueThen I add myself into photographs and she moans about that berty & woofSometimes its just so hard to please people.

laddie hammockAlthough apparently jumping in daddies hammock in the garden and giving a cheesy grin is one of my best poses to date, so I suppose I might let her take a few more… maybe…
if she’s good..
and cuddles are involved.

Laddie xx


9 thoughts on “Imitating the greats

  1. Now he’s a handsome chap!
    Just wanted to say thank you. She really doesn’t seem to get that I am the real draw … even if I am the one with all the fanmail 😛
    Much love,
    Ani xxx

    1. Thanks Ani – I know you are the master (mistress?) of the blog just wanted to pop in to say hi and that your blog posts really are fantastic and brighten any day. xx

      1. I’m a girl… regardless of what she and the ball-guy might say in their books! Fancy calling me Anu and making me a boy! They said it was to protect my anonymity and so I don’t get mobbed by fans… but frankly, I’m sure they had an ulterior motive…
        Much love, Ani xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Humans are notoriously difficult to please. Don’t take it personally, though. It’s not you, it’s them.

    1. Thanks Carol – she does laugh at me a lot!! I try not to take it personally too often and it is usually followed by fur fluffing and cuddles which I’m a huge fan of (even when I’m covered in mud, she’s not usually so keen then though).

      1. That doesn’t sound so terrible then! Though I’m not so sure about the fur fluffing part. Cuddles are great, though!

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