Know Your History – 28th February – Lemony Snicket

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On this day…

February 28th, 1970 – Lemony Snickey born

Lemony SnicketLemony Snicket is the pen name of American novelist Daniel Handler. Snicket is the author of several children’s biographies, serving as the narrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events (his best-known work) and appearing as a character within the series. Because of this, the name “Lemony Snicket” may refer to either the fictional character or the real person.

Daniel Handler has also published adult novels under his real name; his first book The Basic Eight was rejected by many publishers for its dark subject matter, and his most recent book is We Are Pirates. Handler has also played the accordion in several bands.

Handler recently got into some hot water over a racial slur against Jacqueline Woodson (who featured on KYH earlier this month) and gave $110,000 donation to charity as an apology – see Guardian Article featuring the story.

website entryI think he is an excellent author who has achieved a lot, visiting his website the sense of humour shines through immediately and you know you are in for some fun. You might also enjoy an interview with him found here –

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