Know Your History – 10th January

know your history - writingAs a daily feature on the history of writing for todays blog I couldn’t ignore the history of the letter.

On 10 January 1840, the Uniform Penny Post was established throughout the UK. The Uniform Penny Post was a component of the comprehensive reform of the Royal Mail, the UK’s official postal service, which took place in the 19th century. The reforms were a government initiative to eradicate the abuse and corruption of the existing service. Under the reforms, the postal service became a government monopoly, but it also became more accessible to the British population at large through setting a charge of one penny for carriage and delivery between any two places in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland irrespective of distance.

Although the price of postage may have changed a bit in time, a letter can still be sent anywhere in the uk for a standard price.



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