More chocolate needed…

Remember, remember the… oh wait that has already happened….

timeLately time seems to be against me, I am sure most people fail the same, squeezing everything in seems to be impossibly hard and an endless struggle. The frustrating thing is I always intend to do spend the time writing. I see a lot of inspiring things that I think “I will go home and write about” but then I sit at the computer and time seems to fly with no real reason or the things I was so inspired by no longer seem to fit. I’m not sure what the fix for this is (if there is one) I cannot write in the car or at work.


The only solution I have found so far is chocolate. Yep – finally an article thachoct says chocolate is good for you, granted MARS was involved but at this moment in time I’ll take all the help I can get. If chocolate can improve my memory, it may just  remind me what I wanted to write and why by the time I sit down to the computer.

Cocoa can reverse age-related memory decline | Business Standard News.


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