Time to CLAP

Time to CLAP… clap

This week’s challenge – oh-the-irony

One of the most ironic words I know is due to its change of meaning in translation and it makes me love it all the more. The word is a simple four letter word that is generally learned early in life. CLAP!
My grannie is a braw Scottish wummin who can gie as good as she gets, I can tell ye. Small of frame but big of heart, she is the soul of our family. Her favourite thing is a full house, full of friends and family… which makes for plenty of witnesses.
My two year old nephew Aiden was visiting my grans and was edging his way carefully past my gran’s little dog, Ben. Ben however was having none of it and was inching closer and closer for attention. My gran on seeing the situation told Aiden, “Aww… he’s only after a little CLAP”. To which my nephew stood stock still in the middle of the room and began applauding loudly. My gran looked like a goldfish her mouth making little oh, movements. She couldn’t scold him for being cheeky he had done exactly what she said and didn’t know otherwise. However hindsight is a wonderful thing, if one of the older kids had done it they would probably have received a CLAP round the lughole for being cheeky!

Examples (I am sure there are others)

CLAP = To applaud
CLAP (Lughole) = To gently smack someone’s head.
CLAP (the dog) = to stroke/caress lovingly
CLAP (cold) = Yorkshire saying – “this tea is clap cold”.

Extract from “O can ye labour lea” by Robert Burns the most beautiful use of clap.
O, kissin is the key o’ love
An’ clappin is the lock;
An’ makin of’s the best thing
That e’er a young thing got!


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