Memory Games

strawberry jamShe runs towards me, her face a delight, with the treasure in her hands. Her freckled face is red and sticky and I know she has gorged herself on as many strawberries as have made the punnet. I move along the row to the find a better spot with bigger juicier strawberries as that is her dads favourites.  Focussing on the task I carefully tease the strawberries from the plants hoping not to drop any.
Stopping for a break I look up and she is gone. I scramble to my feet grab my punnets and began to walk up and down the rows looking for any sign of her, her bright red hair should be unmissable.  I start to get frantic, what will her dad think if I go back and tell him I’ve lost her. Tears of desperation begin to streak down my face as I walk back to the car park.
As I approach I hear a shriek of delight come from the farm-house and rush round the corner. There she is, her green wellies sticking up in the air as she rolls around with a bundle of puppies. Another burst of high-pitched giggling escapes her and I call her name. The wide grin and cheeky dimples show she’s enjoyed her moments of freedom. I pay for the punnets and make our way to the car, before we get there the questions out…”Gran, do you think dad will let me get a dog?”
My first memory is of my gran taking me to a strawberry farm, I don’t remember wandering off (although I was frequently reminded of it) but remember with delight the puppies.

Inspired by todays daily prompt – reverse shot

Image from google images.


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