Read as you grow or was it grow as you read?..

book & kindle

I am a self-confessed bookworm. I have no such thing as a dry spell and why should I, have you seen the amount of different writers, characters, genres,era’s and formats of writing out there that’s just waiting to be read. I can’t help myself even when I am completely immersed in one book an email from goodreads, amazon or bookbub or even just a stroll down the supermarket can cause my head to be turned another book is picked up and added to the “to reads” . I am currently reading around 3 novels each month (dependant on length) and I can’t get enough.

I think reading can do so much more for us than people appreciate, I wonder how many people have resolved a drama in their life because of a character drama they have read and subconsciously remembered, or avoided a personal drama for the same reason. They can be our escape from the norm, a place to immerse ourselves and interpret the world around us in a different way. I wonder how many unique facts we have remembered from books and managed to wow our friends or peers. I wonder how many friends have been made through similar enjoyments of genre’s or even just how many holiday acquaintance conversations have been started through spotting someone’s book on a sun-lounger or on an airplane. Books are there to teach us in more ways than we appreciate they are there as we grow and can sometimes be the cause of the growth :).

KL Caley

This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt – Reader’s Block


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