Ready, Set, Done

Ready, Set, Done

10 minutes of my babble…

Well I say babble because it always comes out that way when I try to explain it myself but I do often chat to myself in my head… a bit like scrubs.. the old scrubs.. before they tried too hard to be grown up and include serious issues.

I know what I need to do. By need to do I mean, I know what I should be doing. I should be writing my book. Or at least researching it. Or at least doing something productive to be doing with it. But after recently getting to the 20,000 word mark my pace has slowed down. May also have something to do with the wedding and honeymoon getting in the way. But then I have used them as an excuse to expand my writing capturing my feelings and travel experiences all down in a diary that can be used at a future date in my writing as a little boost to my memory. So I also give myself a little pat on the back for remembering to do that.

So that’s two pats on the back and feeling mildly good about stuff but no further advancement on what I really should be doing… writing my story. Those ideas that have been burning in my head for over a year now, those post-its I randomly scribble and put on my wallchart to prompt me where I was going and what I was doing . But I still need to actually sit and write it.

I have a fear of becoming one of those all talk and no writing people, those that say they are a writer, think, like a writer even feel like a writer but just forget to write. Where do they find the time? How do they decide which project to do first? I guess it’s similar for most writers. I have many a writing competition that I’d love to enter, many a chapter I would love to write, many a blog post I know I should be creating, but they all compete for my attention, my time, my energy. So how to pick, generally I go with whatever voice in my head sounds the loudest whichever idea is desperate to burst out. But it’s hoping this won’t lead me down the path of all starting lines with no triumphant finishes. There are many talented writers on here who I read regularly, how do you manage to post so often and is this at the sacrifice of your other writing work that you may not publish as a post? I’d love to know?

Anyway babbling over, at least on here, it will continue in my head for a little longer. Although I will probably babble to the dog for a bit first, he’s probably thinking it’s time for his dinner, and wishes I’d shut up and get on with it. Maybe that’s the answer to all my babbling…

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