E-Book Lovers Recommendation – Bookbub

E-Book Lovers – This might interest you…

I may just be very late to the party… but have you heard of Bookbub?

book & kindle

Bookbub emails users daily (like wowcher etc) with recommendations but in the users’ favourite novel genres and if like me you are a bit of an eclectic reader you will find this useful for spotting something a bit different. It gives the readers a chance to find some new author and some of the e-books are even free, so thought for those who hadn’t come across it, this may be useful for you.

I am currently completely immersed in the Wesley Peterson Series by Kate Ellis’ (on book 11 of 17 and can’t get enough) but while I am biding my time until the next Ruth Galloway novel by Elly Griffiths, or Barbara Erskine brings out another book (I cannot express how amazing this author is, try Lady of Hay those unfamiliar with her work), I will be viewing these daily newsletters with a great interest.

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