I drive me crazy…


Actually many things drive me crazy. I sometimes wonder if I am a little borderline OCD, but I’m sure if I wanted to change I could. My colleagues tend to notice my insane tendencies more than I do, and take great joy in pointing them out or worse aggravating them.

The first thing in my day that drives me mad is usually something small but incredibly irritating, pen clicking! The devil certainly makes work for idle thumbs. Those that sit and continually click pens drives me nuts, if it’s a colleague that is in the office I am quite comfortable telling them but what can you do when you are stuck in a meeting and someone is doing it?

Ok, so having escaped my torment I head to lunch with my colleagues. The canteen is fantastic and finally I relax a little. However, my observant colleagues have now found some of my additional quirks which they enjoy teasing me about relentlessly. These come in the form of crumbs on the lunch table. If I see crumbs I will wipe the table I cannot just sit down, but that is just cleanliness right? However this normally moves onto the napkin holder, the canteen has upright napkin holders which the napkins repeatedly fall out of. I continually put the napkins back in the holder and straighten them, I can’t help myself.

You will probably all think I am completely insane now, but it truly is the little things that drive me the most crazy and I don’t know why, I can block them out but only for so long.

At least habit is a good hobby for a writer to have, even if it does bring out a little gentle teasing now and then.

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