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Professionalism – a day to day struggle


I looked down at my chest, sure enough the red blotches have appeared – Great! How could one person make me so annoyed? My hands are shaking, not with fear, with anger. The pencil on my notepad had already taken a beating earlier in the week with my workload, the surface now looking like Grime’s Graves where my teeth have been. As another argumentative email comes through displaying this colleagues’ incompetence/lack of business knowledge/inadequacies in system knowledge my patience decreases further. The number of (unnecessary) additional colleagues that have been included in the email chain particularly frustrating me. While considering how to write a “suitable” response I get up and walk to the kettle. Grinding my teeth while the kettle boils I consider many responses. The majority of which will certainly get me in trouble with the management, if not fired.

Smiling, I email back in the politest tone possible informing him he is definitely looking in the wrong place and informing him of the correct way to do his task, put in a congratulation message to those that have achieved the tasks asked of them without complaint, ask the individual why he felt the need to copy in his entire department (disrupting them from their jobs) to ask a question he didn’t know the answer too, cc in my boss, press send, shut down the computer and leave for the day.

Everyone has frustrating days from time to time, it is the little things that show just how annoyed you are feeling, writing this piece has given me plenty of starting points for adding character depth for future reference.

Originally posted on Fri 21st March but seemed so suitable for todays daily prompt – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/daily-prompt-sixteen-tons/

19 thoughts on “Professionalism – a day to day struggle”

  1. stories like these make me appreciate my “office” – the dinning room table. I’ve got pleasant company (the kids and the pets). You handled this situation well, hopefully there won’t be many days like this for you, hugs!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Claudia. Normally rants like that are stored but actually this time I thought I would pour it out (a little) instead of bottling it, and was quite happy with the result. 🙂 Your blog is fantastic, really interesting flash fiction and I love your review section. Hopefully I can pick up some hints and tips from you along the way to make my writing a bit stronger. Thanks Again. x

  2. Pingback: B.Kaotic
    1. Thank you for your comments. Definitely a DP challenge I sunk my teeth into – haha. Wow, I have been on your blog and it is really interesting and love the pictures! Welcome back to writing 🙂 xx

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