New Idea – Anne Rice or True Blood fans should enjoy.

This is a new idea I had scribbled in a notebook a while ago so is perfect as a starter post for this blog…

Anne Rice or True Blood fans should enjoy.


Chapter 1 – Lust


She looked towards him. Her body was throbbing. The blood rushing through her echoed noisily in her ears, his blood. His snake green eyes glimmered down at her. A grin spread savagely across his face. His fangs sill had the stain of her blood on them almost like he’d sipped the purest red wine.

Everything around her felt so new, so fresh. Every noise intensified, seeming to echo in her ears. The sound of Raimon’s lips made as they opened to allow the fanged smile to be released. His naked chest heaved on top of her with the ecstasy her blood-taking had given him. The curls of tight black hair formed a V shape on his chest and tapered right down to his belly button until it disappeared behind his dark navy denims. She wondered if his manhood was throbbing for her as much as she ached for him.

Raimon lowered his head back down towards her but instead of aiming for her neck he brushed her lips with his. She smiled as her lips tingled with delight after this unexpected touch. Raimon leaned towards her again this time Melaina was there, her lips met his forcefully and their embrace intensified. Melaina’s head swirled she didn’t care about the pressure as he held her, she just wanted him within her now. His green eyes looked so evil yet all the more tempting.

As he slowly pushed his tongue inside her mouth Melaina kissed harder, she wanted to feel his fangs against her. She wanted to see what they felt like as she ran her tongue across them. She pushed her tongue into his mouth but to her surprise nothing felt unusual. She wondered if he could feel hers. Confused she gave in to the cravings of her body and withdrew from the kiss. She lustfully placed gentle kisses along his neck until she was just behind her ears. She breathed slowly inhaling his wonderful scent. Raimon groaned with pleasure as she began to suck his skin while placing these kisses on him. She was careful not to draw blood just pulling enough to feel heat rise to the surface the she moved on. When she reached the centre of his neck she began kissing greedily down his chest towards his belly button. Struggling to control the excitement contained in her body. Her pleasure building up she began to unfasten his jeans clumsily. But to her surprise Raimon stopped her.

His big green eyes looked straight into hers then he purred, “no my love, save your energy for it is time for your first hunt, and your first feed”.

Melaina grew cold with fear as Raimon finished these chilling words, but to her horror Raimon seemed completely unfazed by the idea she was about to kill an innocent human. Disguising the fear in her voice Melaina spoke as calmly as possible, “Isn’t there laws that the vampires can survive without having human blood so they don’t have to kill”, feeling Raimon tense beside her she added, “besides I’m not really hungry… except for you that is”. Melaina grinned her most mischievous smile.

Raimon turned to her and scoffed at the idea. “Every newborn vampire is allowed their first feeding to be human, it strengthens them. You do not want to waste this opportunity, you may never get the chance to legally take an innocents blood again. However if you’re a good girl then I shall show you the secrets of our kind for there are many ways we can help ourselves to a little human blood here and there without anyone ever knowing. They suspect foul play but then the humans of today’s world are such suspicious creatures. If only they knew the real truth”.

Raimon let out a deep rumbling chuckle to himself. Melaina was so shocked at his confessions of sin she started to feel vomit creeping up her throat. Raimon turned to see her struggle with his discomfort. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and back and lifted her gently, he was staring deep down into her eyes.  His voice changed back into deep pulsing tones that rippled through Melaina’s body in sweeps of pleasure as he spoke.

“My love I can see your discomfort at your future but do not fret, I am at your side and now always will be. You are forever mine my love and I shall show you all that I am and all that you are about to become. But first we must feed you before your energy drops. Be ready for your new life my darling, for it all begins tonight with your first true feed. I shall show you the way my love for you are mine forever and I am yours”.

Raimon then placed Melaina back down then left the room. Melaina wondered whether to follow him ten almost reluctantly chose to do so although she feared what the night would bring.

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